Schulich Startup Night

Now in its 9th Edition, Schulich Startup Night is a fantastic opportunity for Schulich and Lassonde School of Engineering Students and Alumni to present their startups to a hand-selected panel of top industry professionals and an audience of their peers. Please note two big announcements for March 22: For the first time, this event is being [...]

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Canadian Tax Foundation Outreach and Networking Event

The Canadian Tax Foundation Toronto Young Practitioners' Steering Committee invites you to join the third annual Student Outreach and Networking Event. ‎This complimentary event is intended both for students who are actively pursuing careers in tax and for students that have an interest in tax and would like to understand what such a career entails, including: [...]

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Net Impact Schulich: Annual 360° on Business Sustainability Conference

Annual 360° on Business Sustainability Conference: Climate Change and the Transition to a Low Carbon Economy The conference this year will focus on the wide-ranging effects of global climate change, how policy is evolving to address the threats and opportunities we face, and how different areas of business are dealing with the challenges. A "Low Carbon [...]

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Marketing Yourself: Networking

Terrified of networking?  Take the pressure off and join us for a session on effective strategies and communication techniques that will help you ease your fears and make a great first, second and third impression.

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