This could be you! The Chile/Peru Study Tour will run again April 20-29, 2016.

Come to the Chile/Peru Info Session on November 5th at 2:30-3:30pm in W356  or more information, contact

Read more about Kareem’s experience in 2015 below…

Visit South America… as part of my MBA?!

Travel to Chile & Peru and earn 3 credits doing so…. A pretty easy decision, I must admit. But what surprised me was what I valued most coming out of the trip.

My top 5 highlights from the Chile/Peru Study Trip:

1) The friends I made

Funny how I went into this trip with my “clique” of friends but met so many people I would have otherwise never spoke to – part timers, people in different sections, people with different styles.

Friendships still enduring today!

2) The behind the scene look at businesses

I got to see how Chilean farmers produce fruits for Costco– every step of their operations from production, to packaging to shipping.

We also got to visit one of the largest shipping ports of the world along the coast of Chile (TPS), Barrick Gold Mining, Scotiabank, meet with ambassadors… all in 10 days!

3) Wine tasting in Chile

An authentic wine tasting experience in an organic vineyard in Chile. I didn’t know a thing about wine going into it, but it didn’t matter.

Not only did we see first hand how they produced wine in an environmentally friendly way, we got to speak to one of their top sales reps who exports their wine all over the world, including the LCBO!

4) The nightlife

Our days were long – touring the city, visiting different businesses and speaking with execs; but the nights… so much longer!

Having the chance to go out to bars and nights clubs partying with locals, practicing Spanish.. what a cultural experience and just an amazing time.

You can’t visit Latin America without experiencing the night life!

5) Touring Latin America

After passing through Chile & Peru, I figured I might as well keep going. I travelled to Colombia, then to Brazil. A bunch of the others went on to Machu Picchu, Cusco and other hot spots.

A little bit about me

I am a second year Schulich MBA student specializing in marketing and entrepreneurship. I’ve been lucky enough to have this chance at Schulich and have tried my best to take advantages of all the cool travel opportunities provided.

Next semester you can catch me in Madrid, Spain on exchange 😉