What are academic handbooks?

Each graduate student at Schulich has two important handbooks for reference and careful review.

1. The Graduate Academic Policy Handbook: This book outlines important information and formal policy regarding academic processes and governance at Schulich. Topics covered include:

  • grading and promotion
  • petitions and appeals
  • payment of fees
  • academic honesty
  • conduct in examinations
  • enrolment processes

Your Graduate Academic Policy Handbook looks like this!

It is located on your MySchulich student portal (more about that below).

2. Your Program Handbook: Program handbooks are where you’ll find all of the academic details specific to your degree, including:

  • graduation requirements
  • curriculum charts
  • study options
  • course offerings

Your program handbook looks something like this:

It is located on your MySchulich student portal (more about that below).

Where can I find my handbooks?

Both the Graduate Policy Handbook and your program handbook are found on your MySchulich student portal. As a reminder, you can log in to MySchulich from any page on the website – just for the link in the top right corner:


Once you’ve arrived at your dashboard, look to the left under “My Links” and you’ll see the Graduate Policy Handbook (which is viewable by any active Master-level Schuilch student) and your program-specific handbook (which is viewable to any active student in the corresponding program).

Additionally, the Graduate Policy Handbook is available on the Schulich Current Graduate Students webpage under Quick Links.

When should I consult my handbooks?

All active Schulich students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the policies and procedures outlined in the handbooks. In fact, it’s critical that you do so! Why? Because every student agrees by the act of registration to be bound by the regulations and policies of York University and the Schulich School of Business.

It’s also your responsibility to understand the requirements associated with your degree, diploma or certificate.

Handbooks are also a resource for all of your enrolment and curriculum questions. They are a helpful starting point if you plan to book an advising appointment. It’s always a good idea to prepare yourself with knowledge about the academic issue, study option, or general area of inquiry you plan to bring to advising, in order to ensure a productive and efficient meeting.

Knowledge is power!

You’ll notice that your handbooks also direct you to key supplementary web resources like the York and Schulich Current Students pages, Student Financial Services, and specific program pages on the Schulich website:


Your handbook will also highlight key reminders that are important for your program:

A final friendly reminder: The handbooks are generally updated once a year. While we try our very best to keep you digital copy in the student portal up to date, please note that we reserve the right to make changes to the information contained in this publication. Not every course listed in the handbook will necessarily be offered in any given academic year. This is why it’s important to consult other resources like Schulich Course Offerings for the most up-to-date, term-specific information.

The Student & Enrolment Services team is available to you for counseling, Q&As and any additional suggestions you may have about content you’re having trouble finding in your handbook or online.

Wishing you an informed and productive term! Happy reading!