From Theatre to Leader: Your New GBC President Frank Paul

GBC President Frank Paul Welcomes Change & Transparency If you’ve spent any time on campus this summer, chances are you’ve seen Frank Paul in the hallways of Schulich. The 2016-2017 GBC President believes in the impact of relationship-building and hasn’t wasted any time since his appointment. “Everyone knows who you are in this job,” says Frank. [...]

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The New GBC Buddy Program!

A message from the Graduate Business Council: The GBC International Affairs is pleased to announce that the new Buddy Program is now online! What is the Buddy Program? The purpose of the GBC buddy program is to create an environment for international students that helps them settle more comfortably into their new environment. The GBC Buddy [...]

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The GBC Stays Connected to SBI

You've met your new Graduate Business Council President. You've familiarized yourself with the GBC's events and services. But as a student at SBI, you might be wondering: How can I stay involved and be represented by the GBC when its members are so far away? Catherine Farrell wants Schulich students in India to know that you're [...]

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Schulympics Tickets Are Now On Sale!

It's finally here: tickets for Schulympics 2015 have been released! There is an early bird price of $198 available only until September 11, so get yourself signed up ASAP! What's included in the ticket? Accommodation, round transportation to the facilities (leaving from Schulich), meals, activities at the camp and swag! The price is subsidized by the [...]

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GBC 101: The People, Perks and Events!

We recently shared an introduction to your new Graduate Business Council president, Catherine Farrell.  To help you continue familiarizing yourself with all of the awesome initiatives Catherine will be working on this year, here she shares a helpful refresher on what the GBC does, is, and stands for. In a nutshell, what is the GBC’s mandate? [...]

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Meet Your New GBC President, Catherine Farrell

A great leader is someone who can personally identify with the people she leads. That’s what is so wonderful about this year’s Graduate Business Council: its president (your president) Catherine Farrell is both a leader and a friend; as passionate as she is approachable; and a true embodiment of the student interests she works to protect. [...]

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