Global Immersive Option | BRAZIL and ISRAEL

Hand holding a tiny globe

Attention MBA students! Are you interested in…

  • internationalizing your MBA?
  • travelling to Brazil or Israel to work with real companies on real business challenges?
  • completing your 601 requirements?

Then consider the GIO!

The Global Immersive Option (GIO) is an alternative 601 project that provides students the opportunity to work with pre-selected client sites in Brazil or Israel on a comprehensive strategic assessment of a company within its local and international context, and to identify actionable recommendations.

Unique and immersive, the GIO will expand your business mindset and cultural acumen while having the chance to travel and explore new regions of the world.

This year, consider completing your 601 in BRAZIL or ISRAEL!

MBA students who are eligible to register for the “601” (MGMT 6100) are invited to apply for this year’s projects.  Details are outlined below.

GIO Highlights

  • Project countries: Brazil and Israel
  • Client sites are pre-selected by GIO faculty
  • Students must be willing and able to travel with GIO program

GIO BRAZIL (Fall 2023 – Winter 2024)

  • Begins in late August 2023 and completes in April 2024.
  • Mandatory travel to Sao Paulo, Brazil: September 2 – 9th, 2023 
    • Meet client sites, understand regional context, and formulate business problem statement
    • Explore Sao Paulo and experience Brazilian culture
  • October – March: Research (internal/external analysis; strategic issues identification; development of solutions; articulation of recommendations and implementation plan)
  • Late March: Delivery of final report and presentation to the client firms (virtual)
  • Projects with focus on UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • 3-4 teams
  • Program fee: approx. $2000 – $2500 CAD + international flights
    • Final program fee TBD
    • Up to $2000 funding available up to cover program costs

GIO ISRAEL (Winter 2024)  

  • Comprehensive international market expansion study with hi-tech companies in Israel in collaboration with students from Tel Aviv University
  • Orientation in Nov 2023
  • Begins early January 2024 and completes in May 2024
  • Jan – April: meet clients (virtually), research, analysis, development of recommendations
  • Mandatory travel to Tel Aviv, Israel: May 5 – 15, 2024 
    • Complete projects, presentation to client sites
  • 2-4 teams
  • Funding available to cover eligible travel expenses up to $2000

*students who are unable to travel during the specified periods should not apply to the GIO

How do I apply for the GIO?

Complete the application form by noon on Monday, June 26, 2023. Be prepared to upload the following: 

  • copies of undergraduate and MBA transcripts
  • a copy of your GMAT score (or equivalent)
  • an up-to-date resume
  • a brief Statement of Intent that discusses the following:
    • Why do you want to participate in the program?
    • What specific skills you can offer your team and your client?
    • If applicable, what previous experience do you have that makes you a good candidate for the GIO?
  • Waitlisted applicants will be informed when spots open up.

Students must apply individually to the GIO and are selected on the basis of academic excellence, work ethic, and group skills. The GIO admissions committee will form teams from among the successful applicants.

Students who intend to apply for one of the GIO projects are advised not to also apply for team approval for the 601. Instead, they should wait until the GIO participants have been selected before forming a (non-GIO) 601 team. 


  • Applications due: June 26th
  • Selection Decisions: July 3rd
  • Program deposit ($500) due: July 10th

*if program deposit is not received, spot will be given to next student on the waitlist